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30 June 2017

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Travel to Chonburi Not only good, Pattaya sea

Many people think of Pattaya. But in fact, Chonburi also has many tourist attractions, including the historic sea, temples, palaces and museums. Today, we have gathered places to visit in Chonburi, the province near Bangkok that can go both Saturday and Sunday. Or early in the evening Come to read in full

1. FROST Magical Ice Of Siam, the largest ice city in Asia

Want to be cold, do not have to go as far as abroad and come to the FROST Magical Ice Of Siam. Because this is a place to visit ice sculptures carved on an area of ​​30,000 square meters, which tells the story of Thai identity. Art and culture of Thailand And foreign Create work from Thai craftsmen Those who have won awards from the global ice carving competition In addition, there is also the largest carved ice sculpture dome in ASEAN. The temperature is minus 10 degrees.

FROST-Pattaya Prepare to open a new zone Within this October
– Kiang Sawan Kitchen Thai Seafood Restaurant
– FROST MARKET, a comprehensive market With various activities on the stage

2. Love art park, love art park The only place in Thailand

Walk through the art gallery, eat chicken stewed from Kimchi. All of this can be done at Love art park, the art center of erotic love. Which the garden intends to convey the love in the form of various statues With both serious and amusing The garden arrangement, if viewed from the top, is seen as a butterfly. The garden will be separated into zones. There are different statues showing Ariyab. Invited to take a photo and imagine the meaning of the statue in a fun way For those who like Korean The Love Art Park also has a Hanbok set to put together a chic photo. Another signature is Samsay, the only ginseng stewed chicken in Pattaya. Imported from Korea

Admission fee: Thai people 350 baht / child, 4-12 years old, 250 baht / child, 1-3 years old, free entrance / 60 years old and older, 50% discount

3. Rubber Land Learning Center on Rubber

RubberLand (Rubberland) Land of Rubber The first and only one in Asia! On an area of ​​over 4,400 sq.m., tourists will learn from the origin of rubber trees. Is a raw latex Until being made into various products Including reflecting the way of life and culture And the wisdom of Thai people Divided into zones as follows

Rubber forest zone, simulating a fantasy rubber plantation With a three-dimensional virtual media presentation
Rubber processing zone, visit the rubber plant in every step From the beginning to become a product that we use in everyday life
Rubber zone with daily life Be sensational with the virtual presentation media by separating parts. Of cars with rubber as the main raw material As well as daily life supplies made from rubber
Rubber Wonder Zone Join the adventure in the world of imagination under the concept “If this world has tires”, what will it be? How will it feel? If everything is 100% rubber

Admission: Thai people, 100 baht / child, height from 90-135 cm, price 60 baht / adult, age 60 years and older and children below 90 cm free.

4. The Sanctuary of Truth The largest wooden castle in the world

The Sanctuary of Truth is the largest wooden castle in Thailand. And the largest in the world, with an area of ​​80 rai. Villagers generally call it “ancient palace”, sometimes referred to as the material of the building, “Prasat Mai”. There is no metal or mortar. Except for the base that is concrete With the use of Thai woodwork system Or put a wooden latch according to ancient wisdom The castle is a tetrahedron, 100 meters high, 100 meters wide, carved with exquisite patterns. Both inside and outside Within the castle has a philosophical content And cultural arts which are human heritage Reflecting the importance of religion as a sustenance of the world

5. Snake Museum (Siam Serpentarium) Experience a new perspective through ``Snake`` life.

Experience a new experience with the Snake Museum that makes us enjoy learning the amazing life cycle of snakes. From the birth, hunting, survival, breeding and deep understanding of every part from head to tail By surfing through the giant snake’s body that is simulated in real life More interesting than this is Snake Snake Zone. There are over 70 snakes from all over the world. For you to see and experience closely, as well as a snake maze playground That allows children to run, play, and play together. While watching the best performances between people and snakes Spectacular with spectacular light and sound

Admission rate: Thai people, price 350 baht, children height from 90-135 cm, price 150 baht, adults 60 years old and older and children below 90 cm free of charge, students / students From kindergarten to bachelor’s level, show the student / student card at the ticket counter to receive special discounts !!! ** All Thai people can visit for free. From now until October 31

6. Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park

The world’s first cartoon network water theme park Located in Chonburi Province Near Bang Saray Beach Opposite Nong Nooch Garden Which has been open for service since October 2014. Enjoy the fun with 150 slides and players in the Cartoonival zone, or choose to relax on the Riptide Rapids River. If still not enough, try The Omnitrix. tower Is a pipe slide that curls up to 82 feet! You and the other three friends will be able to sit on a rubber raft down the track. Like a grand canyon Before being dropped into full speed To the giant water dome And also shows from Cartoon Network The mascot will welcome customers visiting exciting attractions. And an interactive water park

Entrance fee to the water park

Adult price 1,190 baht. Promotion price is 990 baht until 31 October 2016.
Children (Height 90-121 cm.) Price 890 Promotion price 790 baht until 31 October 2016
Children (height below 90 cm) are free.

7. Samaesarn Island, Sattahip District, Chonburi Province

It is known as one of the most beautiful and beautiful islands in the East Sea. With near Bangkok Therefore convenient to travel to Samae San Island in the care of the navy together with Koh Kham There will be a boat to service across the island at the jetty. Meet many activities including snorkeling, boat trips, glass bottom, coral reef spinning, kayaking, etc. Also on the shore Can also explore the beauty of Nang Ram Beach Located at the Cork Samet pier Sattahip Naval Base as well. Koh Kham is not allowed to stay. And can skip to travel every day But not accepting reservations in advance

8. Koh Kham Marine Park, Sattahip District, Chonburi Province

Koh Kham Marine Park A small island Next to the island of Samsarn South of Sattahip There are plenty of shoreline and nature under the sea. Divided into two sides Is the north side with white sandy beach Suitable for swimming and playing beach sports With the south coast that is a rocky sand gravel beach Which tourists prefer diving at this side Because there are coral reefs, table corals, brain corals, anemones, and a large number of small fish that come close to each other, including shrimp, shells, crabs, sea urchins and sea cucumbers called black. Until black But if anyone does not dive, they can sit on the glass bottom boat to watch animals under the sea as well. Have a kayak for a pie Or cycling the most Koh Kham is an eco-tourism attraction. Do not allow tourists to stay overnight. And open only on Saturday-Sunday Limit the number of tourists to no more than 300 people per day.

9. Silverlake vineyard

Silverlake vineyard next to Khao Chi Chan Is a place with beautiful scenery On an area of ​​over 1,200 rai, there is a wind turbine towering as a symbol. In the beautiful flower garden Silver Lake is both a source of production and distribution of fresh grapes. Including processed products from grapes Which, in addition to having good fresh grapes grown for viewing The farm also has activities that focus on tourists to experience the vineyards closely, whether it is ATV driving, horse-drawn carriage, scenic views. And mountain biking traversing the vineyards in the fields As well as shops selling processed products from grapes such as grape juice, grape jam and fine wines You can choose to buy back home as well.

10. Ramayana Waterpark Pattaya

Ramayana Water Park Pattaya is a water park project built in Southeast Asia. Recently officially opened last year In May, an area of ​​more than 106 rai is one of the top 10 in the world, located in Pattaya. Chonburi province Being designed and decorated inside By focusing on telling the story of Ramayana Which is divided into 14 zones. And slides for adults and children up to 21 types, ranging from thrilling thrillers Until the game is fun, lightly Besides the sail In the water park area there is also a relaxation zone. Thai-International Restaurant And various entertainment services

Price for entering the water park

Adult price 1,190 baht. Promotion price is 990 baht until 31 October 2016.
Children (Height 90-121 cm.) Price 890 Promotion price 790 baht until 31 October 2016
Children (height below 90 cm) are free.

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