13 กรกฎาคม 2017


Many people might think that visiting the beach in the rainy season Maybe it’s a bit strange. But because of the chaos of the people and the city Therefore is the reason for wanting to find a place to relax, beautiful and calm, not busy, and here it answers. “Koh Phayam”

Tai Kaeo Pier

Koh Phayam is one of the islands in Ranong province. We travel by bus from the new southern line. Go to the bus at Ranong province. To the Ta Khuak Pier And then take a ferry to Koh Phayam With both speed boat services and regular passenger boats We choose normal passenger boats as people like Slopel. Because it is a normal day People on board are so small. Only five people are passengers. The rest will be villagers who carry goods across the coast.

Ferry to Koh Phayam

Atmosphere in the sea

Called the atmosphere, when sitting on the boat, the next leg was so chew. It can take about two hours.

Yeah to the side! We rent a motorcycle to drive After that, this island is ours. Lost a bit There are many accommodation on this island to choose from according to your preference at the tangible price. From luxurious accommodation like The Blue Sky Resort or will be various guesthouses Along many ways Called to book before or drive the site, choose the accommodation according to the route, even more. In this low season, say that Price of the main hundred million views Have stayed at the sea for a price less than a thousand Late at night, there will be periodic gecko sounds and waves. Who is afraid of gecko lizards May not be suitable for the guesthouse

The Blue Sky Resort

The Blue Sky Resort

On the way to the motorcycle There will be a beautiful nature along the two sides to look at it periodically. Whether a hornbill And the red hawk, the rubber tree, including the cashew tree, or the villagers call it the natural kayu. Get the mood of adventure at a certain level


One restaurant on Koh Phayam

The most natural way

The hornbill will be able to shoot. Haha.

There are many highlights here. Whether it is a sandy beach with a unique style Like Ao Yai Popular people take pictures during the sunset. Khao Khwai Bay with Hippy Bar, located on the beach Looks like an abandoned ship Made of wood Very beautiful, suitable for storing portrait images. Hipster gives the mood like the Pirates of the Caribbean boat and has a rock that has beautiful angles to take a lot of pictures.

Hippy Bar

Stone pierced

After that, we decided to go swimming in Kwangpao Bay. Which the road way to drive is quite a bit cruel Not suitable for driving So we parked the motorcycle. Then continue walking for a while, resting for a little while through the forest, hear the birds and insects periodically And finally, we arrived at Kwangpeepep bay, very quiet. It was a small bay with fine brown sand. Suitable for playing a lot of water. At that time, the entire bay was our own, called the most private water play. No one else. ^^ It is rare to go to the sea. With small swings And trees for photography Ready to come and welcome

Ao Kwang Year

Oh, forgot to tell anyone. I’m afraid this dog is not suitable. Because Koh Phayam Called there almost every dog And almost every Frenchman But for dog lovers Can be called finnish

In the food Having said that, many shops in this low season do not find it difficult to find something to eat. The taste is so As for the price, I can wait for a long time to eat and feel delicious. The beautiful view seems to be at the Blue Sky Resort, but it comes with a service. Price is considered acceptable. Exchange with the atmosphere and taste Think about how long you can sit. But we do not miss to visit home-style pancakes. Along the way on the island as well ^^

 Can’t remember the name but it’s a dessert in the Blue Sky Resort. The taste is delicious.

Delicious home-style fruit pancakes

Time passes by as if lying It’s time to wave your hand at the beach by Koh Phayam. As he said, the time of happiness is always fast. But the impression remains in our hearts for a long time. Before returning, we went to pay homage to the temple in honor of Koh Phayam temple, which is a temple near the pier. This temple has a temple in the middle of the water.

Buddhist temple in the water

Buddhist temple in the water

Called who wants to come to the sea calmly Did not expect very clear sea water Did not hope for snorkeling Just want to experience the way of life of the villagers here Listen to the sound of the wind. With unprocessed nature Must try it once

  Restaurant on the island that is adjacent to the sea and mountains ^^

How is it? Read the review and would like to collect a bag, invite friends or know someone to go together? Administrative certification that is definitely not disappointing. Value 🙂

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